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Hipster Scrap Panel Pants

$ 28.00
Select my color — Scrap Panel Pants

We release these once or twice a year as we have enough scrap to make them.

In our effort to reduce our waste, we use up as much of our scraps as possible: The small scraps left after Scrap Panel Pants are used for Scrap Scrunchies and Scrap Baby Hats. You can purchase those on our website now. Then, the tiny scraps we have left are available on our website for all your craft projects. We are charging per pound (just enough to cover for shipping). If you want to add a handful of scraps to your underwear order at no extra cost, email us! 


There are a couple of very important things to know about these:

ONE | They are NOT AS PICTURED. There are too many combinations to photo and we can’t sell them one at a time thus: 

TWO | In this magical mystery surprise: You get what you get! It’s exciting! - and honestly it’s barely a gamble because they are all really cute.

THREE | We did our best to make sure there is a good amount of variation within each size and style. But, there are duplicates. If you order more than one pair, we will do out best to send you different combinations of colors!  

FOUR | The fit is the same as our regular Panel Pants: they have added side panels and thinner binding than our Original and Hipster styles (sorry no Sky Rise yet).

FIVE | They are limited edition, we can only make so many at a time. Scrap Panel Pants sell out quickly!

We hope these Scrap Panel Pants put a smile on your face!

We make the Panel Pants with the scraps left over from our production! They have similar fit as the Hipster and Hipster, but with thinner binding and additional seams front and back. They may feel slightly snugger because of the extra seams. In sizes XS - XL, this full brief sits in the natural crease at the top of the leg and usually hits just below the belly button.

Fit models (in Vanilla):

Caitlin is wearing a size MED Hipster: 5'5" tall, 34" bust, 30" waist, 40" hips

Breana is wearing a size XL Hipster: 5'4" tall, 46” bust, 37” waist, 53” hips

Thunderpants 90% organic cotton/10% spandex fabric is sturdy, very stretchy, and has great retention to give our garments just enough stretch and bounce back. It helps the undies to stay up and on, and the other garments to keep their shape without sagging or bagging. We use the same soft organic cotton blend to cut our binding into a wide strip instead of using elastic so there is never any irritating elastic against your skin. All the garments are made locally and lovingly in Portland, OR.

To preserve the vibrant colors and life of the fabric we suggest you do not soak or bleach your Thunderpants items. Use a gentle detergent in a cold machine wash and dry your Thunderpants on the line (they will survive drying on low, but may fade a bit and cut down slightly on longevity). If you do wash warm or dry, make sure not to use too much heat as heat will break down the spandex! 

Hipster Scrap Panel Pants

$ 28.00