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  • How do I model for you?

    If you live in the Portland, Oregon area and are interested in modeling for us the best way to get in touch is to DM us via IG @thunderpantsusa, you can also email attn: Brooke.

  • Who designs your prints?

    We hire independent illustrators/surface designers to create unique prints for us. If you have experience in surface design, and are interested in designing a print for us, you can email info @ attn: Brooke.

  • Who do you donate to?

    We donate to many different organizations throughout the year. Here is a list of organizations we have donated to in 2020/21. If you would like a details (dates/amounts) please contact us. We don’t often advertise our donations as we are cautious about using them as a marketing tool, because that is not our intention behind donations, but are happy to share details upon request!

    (click links to learn more about each organization)

    Financial Contributions:

    Crag Law Center - Monthly donations

    Equitable Giving Circle - Monthly donations

    Don’t Shoot PDX - Monthly donations

    Black Resilience Fund

    Portland Chapter NAACP

    The Loveland Foundation

    Black Girl Ventures

    Fast Blackfeet

    Mitakuye Foundation

    St John's Center for Opportunity

    Asian Americans Advancing Justice - Atlanta

    Whales of Guerrero

    Product or in-kind donations:

    Transition Projects

    Human Solutions

    PDX Covid19 Mutual Aid

    Dress for Success of Oregon

    Pixie Project

  • How do you know your products are made ethically?

    While we don’t require the factory to perform official audits, we are physically at the factory at least once a month picking up product. It’s only about 7 miles from our office and we have a very close working relationship with the owner and several employees. We have been in every part of the factory (it’s not very big), and can see our products being cut and sewn, so can be sure non of our production is outsourced. We are very proud to have found a factory to work with that shares our values and is so transparent. 

  • Are Hipster/Original Thunderpants a boyshorts style?

    No, they are designed to sit in the natural crease of your leg, not below it. We find that our styles solve the issues that arise when wearing non-boyshorts (ie riding up, cutting into your leg, uncomfortable around your thighs). Our customers prefer wearing Thundies to other boyshort styles because they fix all those issues without the extra fabric. We are working on a more gender neutral short style.

  • Should I choose hipster or original?

    The two styles are exactly the same in every way except the hipster is shorter in the waist than the original. Those of us that have a bit of a tummy roll or need extra coverage in the back will want to choose the original style.

    Many customers have both as the Original sits just below the belly button (higher waisted) and are great with tight or loose dresses (no seam showing at all) or with tights and leggings. The Hipster sits on your hips and are perfect for denim or any lower-waisted pant! 

  • What happens if I fall between sizes?

    That’s why we make Thunderpants with a decent amount of stretch so we can accommodate many different sizes and shapes. For the undies, the place they can feel a little tight is in the legs, so if you feel you are built bigger though the thighs definitely size up. If you like your undies snug and have leaner legs, go with the smaller size. Most of our customers are happier going up a size than down. In the other styles, you may opt to go down if you want a tighter feel or up if you want something loser. You may be able to wear either size because of the stretch, but prefer the fit of one over the other based on how you like your clothing to fit. 

  • Are your underpants unisex?

    Our underwear are designed to fit a woman’s body, but we have many satisfied customers who do not order along gender lines. We are also in the process of developing a gender neutral boxer style. 

  • Did you used to carry a Men's Boxer Brief?

    Yes we did! We discontinued this style for two reasons: 1) because of on-going supply chain issues and price increases in both our fabric and manufacturing. We had to cut our less popular/more expensive styles or raise prices across all styles (the Men’s style was A LOT more expensive to produce than our other underwear styles). 2) We want to introduce a more gender neutral boxer and are working on that now. In the process of re-designing it to be comfortable on a wider variety of body types, we are also streamlining the design to be more viable to produce. We hope to launch the new style in the Spring of ’22.

  • Do you make anything other than undies?

    Yes we do! We make Camis, Bralettes, Leggings, Bike Shorts, and Kid's. Swimwear coming soon.

  • How soon will I get my order?

    From your purchase it will be 5-7 business days unless you select priority shipping. We usually fill the order within two days of receiving it.

  • Does your fabric need any special care?

    Thunderpants fabric is machine washable but be sure to use cold water, no bleach and line dry (the fabric is sturdy and will survive drying in a machine, but may fade and/or pill a little bit. Do not dry on hot! They will probably wear a bit faster as well, but many of our customers chose to dry and they still last and feel great for a very long time.)

  • Is your organic cotton Fairtrade?

    We use Fairtrade Certified Organic Cotton yarn for our bulk production to ensure that our fabric suppliers abide by the strict protocols required to achieve the certifications incorporating the International Labour Laws and Ethical Trading Initiative base code. You can read all about Fairtrade cotton standards here.

    We use Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified cotton. Grown without the use of any synthetic chemicals such as fertilizers or pesticides and never uses GMO seeds, azo dyes, heavy metals, formaldehyde or chlorine.

  • Why can't I order the size I want in some of your prints?

    All of our prints are limited edition and will sell out. If a print is very popular we may reprint or cycle it back in later with a color variation.

    We add everything online as soon as we can - so keep checking in, sign up on our email list, and follow us on instagram to find out when new prints are coming. 

  • How much does shipping cost?

    Shipping is $3.95 flat rate per order or an option of $8.95 priority shipping. Shipping to Canada/Mexico is calculated at checkout. 

  • Are the Thundies made in the USA?

    Yes! The Thunderpants we sell are made in Portland, OR, USA. 

  • What if I make a mistake with my order, or want to change my order?

    Please email us as soon as you discover a mistake at and if we haven't shipped it yet we are able to change it for you.

    If you have already received your order, please see our refunds and exchanges page.

    Please note we cannot exchange or refund any item that is not in ‘mint’ condition i.e. unworn, unwashed and with it’s original packaging unless there was a defect. We do try to be accommodating, so feel free to email us with questions that are outside what our policy covers.

  • How accurate is the color representation on your website?

    We try to make the color representation as close as possible but colors on screen can vary between computers.