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Meet team TP:

Gurusurya, Brooke, Sarah, Celestial, Kanda, and Allison

A little bit of history

Thunderpants was founded in NZ in 1995 by sisters Josie and Sophie Bidwill. They were frustrated by irritating undies and set out to design the ultimate comfy undie… and they did!

In 2005 across the world in Portland, OR, Celestial Sipes was experiencing her own frustration with irritating undies (riding up all day long!) until her younger sister sent her a pair of Thunderpants from her travels abroad that solved Celeste’s life-long trouble with undies. When Celeste opened a boutique in 2008, Radish Underground, she reached out to see about carrying Thunderpants and it was the beginning of a wonderful partnership. 

Celestial launched Thunderpants USA in 2016 with the help of her long time right-hand-woman Brooke. Manufacturing was set up in Portland where Thundies continue to be made today. 

Who we are

TPUSA is a small company dedicated to ethical labor practices, sustainable manufacturing, and quality over quantity. The Thunderpants philosophy is fairness over profit. We use a slower growth model of business that prioritizes well being and is rooted in our local economy. We think there are better ways to be in business, where the bottom line is measured in quality of life - for both everyone on our team, as well as along our supply chain. We value giving back and support a number of non-profits (find the list here).

We're also passionate about wanting to help people feel comfortable and beautiful in their bodies. We are often told our undies give people a little boost of confidence in the morning and make them feel like a super hero. There is truly no greater compliment! Comfort starts with your underwear, and we’ve got you covered.