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Genesis Duncan

Genesis Duncan is a Portland, Oregon-based designer and illustrator. 

Inspired by the economy of Scandinavian design, her travels, and a multicultural heritage, Genesis’s work is a bilingual mash-up of color, whimsical illustrations, and kind sentiments in English and Spanish. 

In 2010, she founded Graphic Anthology, a stationery & gift company that produces greeting cards and paper-related products in her signature illustrative style. She has worked with companies like Urban Outfitters, TJ Maxx, Serena & Lily, and West Elm, as well as hundreds of boutique retailers across the globe. You can find her work online at

You can find her Hot Pants illustration in most styles now!

Abbie Ren

Abbie is an illustrator out of Las Vegas who sells her artwork in the form of wrapping paper, pins, prints, notepads, and cards full time. Her artwork is encouraging, real, fun, and playful. Because that's how she does life!

Let's get to know Abbie a little better:

Things she hates in no particular order: marshmallows, whipped cream, spaghetti, jello, and evilness.

Things she does like: happy hour, board games, all the food, all the wine, podcasts, plants, and travel.

Stay up to date with Abbie's work and show her some support by following her on Instagram @AbbieRenIllustration and visiting her website.

Abbie illustrated our Under the Sea print - truly a testament to her fun and whimsical style of illustration.

Greta Menzies


Greta Menzies is an artist and designer based in Wellington, NZ. Her multidisciplinary work reflect her interest in ideas of consciousness, belief and meaning-making. Greta is drawn to the grotesque as an aesthetic category with its tropes of doubleness, hybridity and metamorphosis, and as a mode of existential exploration. This comes with a sense of irreverence and subversive, absurd elements, often playing with opposites: beauty/ugly, male/female, reality/fantasy. Figuration is significant in her work.

You can find Greta Menzies most current prints Sketchy Snakes and Energy Vibes, plus lots of past and future prints as well!

Kanda Mbenza-Ngoma

Kanda (she/they) is a model, musician, birthworker and artist local to Portland, Oregon. Kanda has always had an eye for crafts and loves to get their hands dirty During the pandemic they started a tie dye business almost by chance as they only started dyeing for fun. When they are not dyeing, Kanda can be found working on their art, talking of liberation for people in a world ruled by capitalism and spending time with the folks they hold dear. 

You can find Kanda's art and dye work on her instagram: @psychedelic_baddie

We adore Kanda here at TPUSA and are honored to be partnering with them for our Limited Edition Ice Dye collection and hopefully more hand made collections in the future.

Zoë Linn Anderson

Zoë Anderson is an artist and surface designer based in Portland, Oregon. Raised in the rainy Pacific Northwest in a house full of music and art, she grew up drawing characters in outrageous fashions, and only wore flowered underwear - never solid!

Outfitted with a degree in painting, she moved to NYC and found her calling as a surface designer. She began her career in textiles as a designer for women and children's intimate apparel. She has since created original designs for various surfaces including apparel, bags, kitchen/table linens, curtains, and wall hangings.

Zoë's artistic style draws inspiration from weeds and wild flowers, the muppet quality of mossy forests, fables, folk arts, animals, food, and her collaborations with loved ones. Her repeat patterns are built with her own pencil sketches, watercolor paintings, ink drawings, and vector illustrations.

Find Zoë's adorably retro Party Guac illustration in most of our styles.

Rochelle Porter

Rochelle Porter has never met a blank surface she didn’t want to draw on. A lifelong lover of global design traditions, the Atlanta-based artist takes cues from the breezy hues of her Caribbean roots, the stark simplicity of Scandinavian design and the bold geometrics of West African weaves to create vibrant, eye-catching textiles for the home décor and apparel markets. Her travel-inspired patterns feature joyful, unexpected bursts of color and classic motifs with a fresh, modern twist.

Upon learning of the unethical and environmentally hazardous labor practices of today’s globalized “fast fashion” industry, Rochelle nearly abandoned her dream of becoming a designer. That is, until she figured out that style could also be sustainable. Combining her passion for patterns with her commitment to social responsibility, she formed Rochelle Porter Design (RPD), a lifestyle brand specializing in thoughtfully made, eco-friendly home and fashion accessories.

True to its tagline, “Design for abundant living,” the company believes everyone along the value chain should have the chance to live well—from the farmer who picks the pesticide-free organic cotton for its textiles, to the customer who puts them on her sofa. RPD prioritizes fair pay, environmentally safe manufacturing, and the use of allergy-free organic and recycled materials whenever possible.

Rochelle designed Bloem in Blue, a past print that was a big hit!

Elana Gabrielle

Elana Gabrielle is a multidisciplinary illustrator, maker, and designer of printed textile and paper goods. Her work is influenced by the wild and varied landscapes of the West Coast where she grew up, from misty mountains and foggy beaches to dusty desert valleys. Using cut paper collage, painting, screen printing, and textile design, she weaves the natural world into her creations.
Elana is descended from a lineage of artists, and she grew up immersed in music, dance, and traditional art. Her family encouraged freedom of expression and self-exploration through various art forms, movement, and spiritual practices. She spent much of her childhood outdoors building driftwood forts, river bathing, hiking, and exploring. This is expressed in her work as a celebration of connection between humans and the earth and small moments of joy; a plant dancing in the breeze, an evening in the summer sun, a foggy walk along the beach, tending to the land. 
Her handmade goods mirror the environment by focusing on form and function, as well as using sustainable practices and natural fibers, dyes, and inks. Elana’s goods invite mindful interaction with nature both in the home and in the wild as a nurturing of self and space, and encourage care for the world around you.
Elana also works with many wonderful clients including Crate and Barrel, Terrain, La Tierra Sagrada Hair, Olipop and more, using illustration to create all kinds of collaborative projects.

Elana designed many of our past prints and we hope to have more from her in the future.