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Bralette Limited Edition Valentines 'I'm Fine' Dye

$ 46.00

Made in USA

Organic Cotton


Ultra Comfortable

Kanda from Psychedelic Baddie has done it again with our dueling Valentine's Day Dyes: 'Be Mine' vs 'I'm Fine'!

'I'm Fine' is an anti-Valentine's Day scrunch dye with reds and black for those of you who aren't into this Holiday.

OR - if you love Valentine's Day, grab yourself a 'Be Mine' Bralette.

These are hand dyed by Kanda in our studio in Portland, OR. 

Our dyed items are pre-washed, but make sure to wash your new dyed underwear with like colors or on their own for the first wash or two just in case there is any dye left (this is normal for hand dyed items). 

Psychedelic Baddie is a local small business doing hand ice dyed items in unique colors and designs. Check out their instagram to see more of their work!

No exchange or returns on limited edition pairs, and no discounts can be applied. Please message us with any questions about fit if this is your first pair of Thunderpants!

Fit models (in Vanilla):

Caitlin is wearing a size MED Bralette: 5'5" tall, 34" bust, 30" waist, 40" hips

Breana is wearing a size 2XL Bralette: 5'4" tall, 46” bust, 37” waist, 53” hips

Constructed with the same Organic Cotton/Spandex as the Thunderpants, this bralette is super comfy. There is a piece of elastic sewn into the binding for extra support below the bust. It feels supportive and solid, without feeling constraining or too bra-like.

Thunderpants 90% organic cotton/10% spandex fabric is sturdy, very stretchy, and has great retention to give our garments just enough stretch and bounce back. It helps the undies to stay up and on, and the other garments to keep their shape without sagging or bagging. We use the same soft organic cotton blend to cut our binding into a wide strip instead of using elastic so their is never any irritating elastic against your skin. All the garments are made locally and lovingly in Portland, OR.

Make sure to wash these alone or with like colors for the first few washes (don't wash them with whites right away!). The dyeing process does leave a faint scent, this is not scented detergent, we only use un-scented when washing before and after dyeing. The smell of the dyeing process will fade over time.

To preserve the vibrant colors and life of the fabric we suggest you do not soak or bleach your Thunderpants items. Use a gentle detergent in a cold machine wash and dry your Thunderpants on the line (they will survive drying on low, but may fade a bit and cut down slightly on longevity). If you do wash warm or dry, make sure not to use too much heat as heat will break down the spandex! 

Bralette Limited Edition Valentines 'I'm Fine' Dye

$ 46.00