The Ultimate Undie


Thunderpants organic cotton/spandex fabric is milled in Australia (soon to be US) and knit to our exact specifications to give our undies just enough stretch and bounce back to stay up and on. We use nylon thread so that your undies have enough stretch around the seems to get on and off with comfort. Our organic cotton is Fairtrade as well as Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified.


The cut of our undies and our special banding fits the natural curves of your body so they don’t ride up or cut into your bum.


Our custom prints are designed by textile designers we partner with throughout the USA. We also use some of the same prints as TPNZ designed in house or by Aukland based artist Greta Menzies.


We promise you will never be caught with a wedgie or unattractive undie-line wearing Thunderpants.