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PRE-ORDER: Swim, Leggings, Bike Shorts


Our new Swimwear line is up online for PRE-ORDER. We are working with a new factory (still in Oregon!) and are starting with a limited run, so if you want to make sure you get yours by the time the suns out and we can travel again, you might want to order one now. 
We are currently aiming to ship by May or June for the first run (this is subject to change as we are can't control or know if our factories will be closing or staying open during all of this). We’re not sure how quickly we can get more material, but fingers crossed we’ll have our next run out soon as well! 



Leggings and Bike Shorts are online for PRE-ORDER. These are made with the same material that our underwear are made out of. We also have a limited amount of fabric on hand to make these new products, so are pre-selling our first run, but already have more fabric on the way (finger's crossed), so if all goes well we should be able to get our second run out quickly!