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Cowgirls for Cowgirls and Salsa Red

As a girl from Montana I was pretty much obligated to start with the cowgirl print for our launch.  --And red is just the best color, period.  I know two prints are not nearly enough.  Thunderpants come in a range of the cutest prints to cover all those happy Thunderpants wearing bums, and we have more on the way!  

We had to get through that manufacturing process the first time without overcomplicating it for ourselves.  Manufacturing in the US is challenging, and it took a bit of detective work on our part to find a factory that could provide the best quality and technology.  We were so fortunate that our dear friend Alyson came to our aid and put us in touch with Chwiyong, the owner of an absolutely amazing local factory.  I want to marry our factory; I want to move in and hang out there all day.  It turns out that only finding the greatest possible place to make the greatest possible undies is challenging.  Once we found that greatest possible place, it was just your run of the mill, wow there are so many steps, typical challenges of trying to get something off the ground. Challenges made so much easier to navigate by the woman at Thunderpants NZ.  They have set the bar, the bar not only for making a quality product that will make so many people happy (Brooke always says we're changing lives one bum at a time!), but the bar for a business culture that promotes fairness, balance, and most importantly, joy. 

I'll tell you one thing, working with so many supportive, smart, savvy business ladies has been an absolute pleasure and I'm so grateful for all their hard work and guidance. --and I didn't forget about you Adam, my webmaster tech support guru, and all those Sunday nights you gave up for me.  But it was fun right?!  Who's not going to have fun when they have Cowgirls on their underpants?  

Welcome to Thunderpants USA!  We're happy to have you along for the ride and can't wait to get you into our pants.